Seraphim (2023)

'Seraphim' is the debut album/visual-album from Swiss-born, Brighton-based producer, sound artist, and musician Sebastian Müller.

The album is entirely comprised of piano samples and recordings, that were then morphed and shaped using modular synthesizers, guitar amps and pedals and various digital effects.
"Limiting myself to the piano as base for the album was informed by the urge to push myself forward within a tightly confined space. This aligns with my emotional state at the time of the composition, mostly influenced by national lockdowns" Sebastian adds:
"The composition of the pieces is built on communication between human and computational improvisation and interpretation, thus I created a call-and-response pattern between my own ideas and the electronic equipment."

The sonic arc of the album follows a series of ups and downs, presented in a cinematic “scene by scene” like style. The name Seraphim is inspired by the climactic ending to the album that resembles a light at the end of the tunnel in a completely uncertain and desperate time.

Composed, Produced and Mixed by Sebastian Müller
Mastered by Lawrence English at Negative Space
Visuals Producerd & Directed by Sebastian Müller
releases January 1, 2023