Manor Farm/Finding Life (2022)

"The dual piece is a sonic interpretation of a personal realisation of where I found myself in life during the late summer and early autumn months of 2021.

The field recording tying together the drone-like piano and synthesizer-based ambience in the first half of the piece was recorded at Manor Farm, a place that holds a vast emotional significance to a close friend and band-mate, with whom I was staying there to break up a journey to a gig in Cornwall. The introductory experience of venturing this far for a music-related activity (additionally after a lengthy period of staying indoors) sparked a sense of excitement. This excitement is then expanded upon in the second half of the piece, where samples I recorded in various places during a UK tour I did in October 2021 are woven into a more energetic and vast sonic texture.

The piece fades out leaving a somewhat unfinished shimmer of this energy felt, reverting back to a potentially uncertain and indifferent mindset.

The title originates from a conversation my partner and I had with a stranger at the pub (a while back), grabbed from a video of me petting their dog:
“(…) I'm just trying to remember the name of the film I was talking about (…) It was a bout a young boy finding life (…)”
It turns out the stranger was talking about David Lynch's Blue Velvet."

Composed, Produced and Mixed by Sebastian Müller
Mastered by Lawrence English at Negative Space
Artwork by Ann Graack
Video filmed on an iPhone in 2021, somewhere in West England