10Dimensions - The Passing of Time (2021)

10Dimensions is a collaborative experimental music project composed of William Ulrich and Sebastian Müller.

The debut EP "The Passing of Time" explores the concepts of time and its perception: Our reality is ruled by time and bound to its direction. There is an inability to fully comprehend the passage of time and with that, the realisation that any single moment cannot be pin-pointed to the present, but instantly and inevitably echoes into the past.

The warped and spacious sound design of the EP is a representation of how the perception of the present moment instantly smears behind us, leaving a visual and mental imprint of a memory that inevitably fades and distorts as time passes. The EP is a sonic memoir on a period of enhanced self reflection as a result of the overall global lockdown period in the first semester of 2020.

Artwork by Ann Graack